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Components of the STP manual can be easily adapted for a variety of uses:

  • the point system is applicable to a variety of treatment programs, for parental use, and as a direct observational scheme with extensive reliability and validity data
  • the learning center/classroom procedures have been used successfully in school-wide inclusion programs in both special education and regular classrooms
  • the time out system is well suited for home use, as well as for use in residential settings, and it has been adapted and used successfully in school-wide inclusion programs
  • the social skills and problem solving techniques can be used in clinic-based and school-based group therapy programs
  • the Daily Report Card (DRC) section has guidelines for establishing DRCs that are well suited for outpatient parent training programs designed to coordinate home and school-based treatments
  • the Individualized Programs section includes step-by-step procedures for evaluating the need for, developing, and troubleshooting individualized behavioral programs using a functional analytic approach
  • the Medication Assessment section describes in step-by-step detail how to conduct double-blind, placebo-controlled evaluations of CNS stimulants in outpatient, school, residential, and inpatient settings