Not Just a Manual for a Summer Treatment Program

The Summer Treatment Program Manual (Pelham, Gnagy, and Greiner, 1997) contains step-by-step descriptions of how to implement group and individual treatment techniques, including:

  • Point System
  • Time Out
  • Peer Interventions
  • Daily Report Cards
  • Group Problem-Solving and Contracting
  • Procedures for Making Transactions
  • Positive Reinforcement and Appropriate Commands
  • Procedures for Teaching Rule Following
  • Individualized Programs
  • Recreational Activities
  • Level Systems
  • Daily and Weekly Reward Programs
  • Learning Centers (Classrooms)
  • Medication Assessment
  • Treatment Fidelity, Adherence, and Accountability
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Child Care Activities During Parent Training Sessions
  • Record Keeping and Data Management

The STP manual has been successfully used in clinical practice as the treatment manual for:

  • a summer treatment program
  • an after-school social skills program
  • a Saturday social skills/academic program
  • social skills training groups
  • a partial hospitalization/day treatment program
  • inpatient units