The Pelham Summer Treatment Program

  • For the first time, the materials that comprise the nationally recognized Summer Treatment Program (STP) for children with attention deficit disorder are available for sale in single units to qualified professionals.
  • A completely manualized program incorporating an integrated set of empirically supported treatments into an 8-week theraqeutic summer day camp setting
  • Developed in 1980 by William E. Pelham, Ph.D., the STP has a proven track record of treatment for more than 2,500 ADHD children and their families
  • A core component of the psychosocial treament package of the collaborative NIMH/USOE Multisite, Multimodal Treament Study for ADHD
  • A core component of the Early Risers Risk Prevention Program, a SAMHSA-CSAP-funded substance abuse prevention program at the University of Minnesota
  • Unique outcomes include a very low dropout rate, positive treament response in multiple domains, and very high rate of parental satisfaction with treatment¬†1
  • Highly adaptable, the STP has been replicated at 17 sites in both academic and community settings throughout the United States and Canada
  • Named in 1993 as a Model Program in Service Delivery in Child and Family Mental Health by the Section on Clinical Child Psychology (Section 1, Division 12) and the Division of Child, Youth, and Family Serviceds (Division 37) of the American Psychological Association
  • Featured on ABC World News Tonight
  • Updated regularly to reflect the most recent advances in the treatment of ADHD
  • The STP is an extraordinary program that offers state-of-the-art treatment for ADHD when combined with follow-up parent training, school intervention, and, if necessary, medication
  1. Pelham, W.E., & Hoza, B (1996). Intensive treatment: A summer treatment program for children with ADHD. In E. Hibbs & P. Jensen (Eds.), Psychosocial treatments for child and adolescent disorders: Empircally based strategies for clinical practice (pp. 311-340). New York: APA Press.