What Professionals Say About
the Summer Treatment Program
…State-of-the-Art, Empirically-Based Treatment for ADHD

The STP is a remarkable program—all encompassing, thorough, and incredibly integrative–that targets those skills and problems most in need of remediation for youngsters with ADHD. Staff, families, and children themselves are quite taken with the strides that are made in the 8-week period–all in all an impressive behavioral program that I heartily endorse.

Stephen P. Hinshaw
Professor of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley

I’ve seen the STP in action for 10 years–it is state-of-the-art treatment for ADD. It is an intensive and effective intervention that is based on the latest research and covers all important aspects of the child’s functioning, including academic, recreational, and social. I have worked extensively with the Pittsburgh program and have seen the dramatic changes it makes.

Richard Milich, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Psychology
University of Kentucky

The STP has proved to be a highly efficient and effective program for providing an intensive multimodal approach to the management of children with ADHD. It is extremely well organized and has combined all the state-of-the-art interventions appropriate to treat these children.

Mark Wolraich, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics and Director, Division of Child Development
Vanderbilt University