What Parents Say About
the Summer Treatment Program
…success and positive benefits for both children and their families

The greatest thing about Summer Treatment Program, and the greatest thing for us to see, is how happy and enthusiastic he is coming here. He looks forward to it, he is eager, he plays hard, he has fun, he learns, he succeeds, he feels better. We can see his growth and we can see him feeling better about who he is.

—Mother of an 8 year old boy

The best part of the program was building his self esteem. We were very satisfied.

—Parents of a 9 year old boy

The Summer Treatment Program is a very positive experience for the kids but it is also a positive experience for the family because you come and get positive reinforcement from the counselors, from the supervisors, and the child is not beaten down every day by his peers. It just goes across all the lines of your life, from family and home to being out socially.

—Mother of a 10 year old boy

I feel like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the first time. It’s a very long tunnel but no longer a dark one.

—Mother of a 7 year old boy

My son learned different things about how to behave appropriately and we learned to be better parents. Not only was it coming here and receiving daily feedback on your child’s progress, it was also the feedback that we got from other parents. When you’re in the (parent training) class you can sit and say, “My God, I’m not the only one.” It’s been a real bonding experience for the parents as well as the children.

—Mother of a 6 year old boy

The best parts of the program were consistency throughout the program, the feeling of being very special… and the one-on-one every day with staff. I thought the program was great!

—Mother of a 13 year old boy

Our child has for the first time a real understanding of some of the dynamics that are going on in her life. Some of the things that she would previously have considered problems without solutions, she now has skills to cope with and find solutions. It gives her a tremendous amount of self esteem and I think she feels a lot more in control of her life. Our expectations were very high when we came to this program… and I think they have been surpassed.

—Father of a 9 year old girl

It was a real turning point—the best summer of our family’s life!

—Father of an 8 year old boy